St.Petersburg Masonic Lodge 139

St.Petersburg Masonic Lodge 139 has been in St.Petersburg since 1893. It’s founding members were prominent men of industry within St.Petersburg and the surrounding area. Today St.Petersburg Lodge 139 is experiencing a renaissance and young business men are continually joining their ranks. It is to this end that they were looking for a fresh brand and mobile online presence to aid in telling their story.

3ative arts was proud and excited to take on this project and take it on with vigor. This was a labor of love as both founding members of 3ative arts are both master masons and members of St.Petersburg Lodge 139. Every page of this website was designed with an eye on history but with a mind towards functionality and accessibility. We dare you to find another masonic lodge website anywhere in the WORLD that has all of the features and details that has. We were over the moon for this website and still add new features regularly.

Client: St. Pete Lodge 139

Category: Mobile Web Design

2nd Cat: Brand Development

Sub Cat: Logo Development

Date: July 2015